Is a Legitimate Online Retailer for Camera Gear?


As for the maximum rating, it is hard to find much to discuss. As a super high authority website that has earned its reputation online for a long time, it is not surprising that our VLDTR® tool came up with a 100 rating. This means the business is, indeed, secure.

However, some people are always going to be challenging, even in regards to big brands. When it comes to website, all factors of our algorithm was good on every box. Nevertheless, here is the always-ironic situation: the more popular a business is – whether it is from the same industry or not – the more complaints it gets online. Think PayPal, your cell phone network, or eBay. They are 100% legit companies, but you can always find complainers about something they are not happy about or feel that they’ve been scammed. Sometimes it’s not the platform but the user – that’s where you need to pay attention. It could be the case with as well.

Is a scam?

You can rest assured, is not a fraudulent website. However, it’s your responsibility to read the potential signs every time you are about to engage in an online business. Last but not least, even the best businesses have complaints and unhappy consumers from time to time.

Reporting a scammer

You can report scammers officially to the Federal Trade Commission, no matter if they are from the same niche as You can also type the names of suspicious businesses below. How Do You Rank It?

Have you dealt with How would you rank it? Do they have any flaws nobody is aware of? Share your experience by leaving a review or comment below.


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