Leonard Francois: A Man Behind Naomi Osaka Success


When Venus and Serena Williams came onto the field as tennis players and began winning wins left and right, the world found their father Richard Williams at the root of their success and turned to their history. There is a saying “lightning doesn’t strike” “one place twice”, but it appears to be Mari and Naomi Osaka, two upcoming tennis players led by their father Leonard Francois.

It is an inspiring story about great father Leonard Francois, an ex- Haitian tennis player who found talent in his girls at an early age and is able to make over them into international players, with Naomi Osaka going on to win the US Open in 2018. Defeat your idol Serena Williams in the final.

Leonard Francois

The world’s multicultural future has performed in various forms, so much so that it has become an accepted standard for millions of people around the world, but regardless of the widespread acceptance and generalization of both inter-racial marriages and relationships, few marriages are a single They pull away surprises not only in marriage but also in the children to come.

Leonard Francois is a hero who, despite all the challenges, against all the odds, finds himself in Japan and falls in love with a Japanese woman. Because Leonard prefers to keep the spotlight on his children, little information is available about their background, the only known information about him beginning in Japan, when he relocated to the Asian country in New York, where he spent much of his childhood.

Relationship and marriage with Tamaki Osaka

He met his wife Tamaki Osaka while he was in Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido.

After graduating from the college in Sapporo in which they met, Tamaki and Leonard François relocated to Osaka where they began working, and there they were accompanied by Mari, her brother, and Naomi.


One night in 1999, when Leonard Francois watched the French Open, which was inspired by the Williams sisters, he was inspired to train his children the sport to accomplish the same achievement. Combined with the tennis knowledge he had gained from playing in his younger days and the blueprint outlined by Richard Williams’ little expertise, François embarked on a journey that would one day create two of the tennis world’s greatest players.

Leaving comfort zone

In 2001, he moved his family back to the United States, when the athlete, and Naomi, his child was three years old, and soon after, he began executing his plan to turn his daughters into international stars. .

Leonard Francois again transferred him to Florida in 2006 where he continued his training. After five years in New York, when he began training his daughters on the best way to play and hit the ball, he sent them to Pembroke Pines Public Court. ahead.

The series of tours have brought global recognition, mostly through Naomi, who has won a few WTA Championships and a grand as well.

Slam, thrashing one of the women who inspired the journey that led her father to lead her and her brother.

Racially Affected Dis-Communication

For much of the consequences and glamour that comes from inter-racial relations, the result of the disapproving relatives is significant. When the Japanese put in the picture in front of her parents of her affair with Leonard François, the couple faced it at great length. His wife was estranged from his family members and in 2008 the two did not reunite until 15 years after returning to Japan with their daughters.

How they educated their children

As part of his devotion to making his daughters celebrities, Leonard François chose to have him home-schooled, combining his education with sports. According to Leonard, this is one of the ideas he chose up on Richard Williams’ instruction routine. ..

Last Words

He had only one driving force. A singular, philanthropic motive likes that of a true African, even though they hated him so much, he still wanted his daughters to represent Japan. That singular decision has paid off a lot. Naomi is now the highest-paid Japanese tennis player and she is very proud to be the daughter of Leonard Francois.


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