Proven Ways to How to Lock Apps on Android.


This short article explains three various ways regarding how to lock apps with an Android device. Instructions affect Android 10, 9 (Cake), 8 (Oreo), and seven (Nougat).

How you can Lock Apps on Android With Screen Pinning

 lock Screen pinning an application in open view. Trying to close it or connect to the desltop prompts the lock screen security input.

To determine what form of Android is a component of your device, visit Settings, then tap About Phone > Software Information.

For Android 10 and Android 9. Cake

Lock an app’s screen to help keep it because before you unpin it.

  • Open Settings and choose Security or Biometrics and security > Other security settings.
  • Scroll lower to Advanced.
  • Choose the toggle alongside Pin home windows. .
  • Turn on screen pinning toggle change to enable screen pinning.

To obtain the most from screen pinning and guest accounts, set a safe and secure lock screen pin, password, or pattern in advance.

  • Select Request PIN before unpinning to allow it for elevated security.
  • Choose the Overview icon (the square at the end from the screen), then tap the application icon you want to pin.

In case your phone does not come with an Overview button, you have to swipe up discover the application you need to pin, and tap its icon at the very top.

  • Select Pin this application.

You can find a Switch on Pin notification. Select Alright to continue.

  • Press and restrain and Overview concurrently to unpin the application.

Some Android phones need you to press and restrain and residential to unpin.

  • Enter your pin, pattern, password, or biometric security choice to unpin the screen.
  • The application is unpinned.

For Android 8. Oreo and seven. Nougat

If you are utilizing an older form of Android, the instructions really are a bit different.

On some phones running Android 7., you receive through steps 1, 2, and three via: Settings > Security > Screen pinning.

  • Open Settings, then tap Lock screen and security.
  • Select Other security settings.
  • Select Pin home windows.

On some phones running Android 7., you will need to visit Settings > Security > Screen pinning.

  • Choose the toggle to allow screen pinning.
  • Choose the Use screen lock type to unpin toggle change to enable it.

On some phones running 7., the choice is known as Request unlock pattern before unpin.

  • Select Overview, then hover within the application window you need to lock towards the front.
  • Choose the thumbtack within the lower-right corner, then tap Start.

On some phones running 7., press First Got It after pressing the tack.

  • Select and contain the Back and Overview icons to unpin your window.

On some phones running 7., you simply need to press and contain the Back button to unpin.

Enter your pattern, pin, password, or scan your biometric security choice to unpin the application.

Lock Apps on Android Using the Samsung Secure Folder

With Samsung Secure Folder, you are able to safeguard selected apps by locking all of them with the safety option of your liking. In case your device did not include Secure Folder and contains Android 7 or greater, download it from Google Play or Universe apps.

Secure Folder comes pre-placed on all Samsung’s flagship devices, returning to the Universe S7 series.

  • Select Settings, then tap Biometrics and security.
  • Select Secure Folder.
  • Choosing the Secure folder settings in Android.
  • Tap Agree with the splash screen after which sign in for your Samsung account, if motivated.
  • Select Lock type.

Select Pattern, Pin, or Password (or perhaps a biometric option, if available), then continue simply by entering your selection and confirming it.

  • Lock type, Select lock type, and Pattern/PIN/Password options in Android settings
  • Select Secure Folder in the application drawer, then tap Add apps.
  • Choose the apps you want to incorporate in Secure Folder, then tap Add.
  • Adding an application to Samsung Secure Folder.
  • Select Lock and exit within the upper-right corner.

A short message seems indicating Secure Folder has become locked. Trying to access Secure Folder prompts the lock type you chose earlier.

  • Enter your pattern, pin, password, or scan your biometric security option.
  • Secure Folder locked message, and Enter PIN field on Android
  • The application is unpinned.

How you can Lock Apps on Android With Mobile Apps

Visit Google Play and download AppLock or perhaps a similar tool to lock your apps and safeguard your files. Most apps that lock or safeguard your device’s content need a couple of permissions and system rights, for example displaying over other apps and ease of access usages.

How you can Set your password for Apps With Norton Application Lock on Android

Norton Application Lock by Symantec is really a helpful tool for safeguarding applications and files stored in your device. Norton Application Lock is free of charge to download and supports Android 4.1 or more. You are able to restrict use of all apps or choose specific apps to lock:

Find Norton Application Lock on the internet Play, then select Install.

Once installed, select Open.

Evaluate the License Agreement, Relation to Use, and also the Online Privacy Policy, then select Agree & Launch.

  • Installing and opening Norton Application Lock.
  • When motivated for permission, select OK.
  • Choose the Allow display over other apps toggle switch.
  • Allowing Norton permission in Android.
  • Select Installed services.
  • Navigating to installed services.
  • Toggle the Off switch.
  • Tap Allow.
  • Tap the rear arrow. You need to see Norton Application Lock Service set to On.
  • Enabling the Norton lock service.
  • Tap Back two times.
  • Draw an unlock pattern or tap Change to Passcode, then enter your password.
  • Draw your unlock pattern again to verify, or tap Reset to re-come in.
  • Select Choose Google Account.
  • Drawing an unlock pattern.
  • Choose the Google account you want for password resetting, then select OK.
  • Select Continue.

Choose Google account, choose a free account, Continue buttons for Norton Application Lock

Choose the yellow lock icon within the upper-right corner, then choose the lock near the apps you want to passcode safeguard.

Yellow lock icon, Docs application, passcode entry screen for Norton Apps Lock

Choose the yellow lock without notice to allow or disable the application lock.

Once apps are locked, just the passcode you produced earlier will grant access.


How do you lock apps on my small Samsung S10?

Visit the application drawer and choose Secure Folder, tap Add apps, pick the apps to incorporate in Secure Folder, after which tap Add.

Can One switch off application lock on my small Samsung S10?

When you wish to unpin an application, access Secure Folder, after which, for the way you place up Secure Folder, enter your pattern, pin, or password, or scan your biometric security option.

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