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Raheel Georgia {July 2022} Read About Tragic News Here!


Within the following sentences, we’ll go through an accidents where a man, Raheel Georgia, shot dead his wife and continue to find out more about the topic.

Did you ever hear someone named Raheel Ahmed? Have you ever heard he easily wiped out his wife before killing themselves?

Sania Khan, a skilled photojournalist, was fatally murdered on Monday at her Streeterville apartment within the united states . States. Her estranged spouse, he accused shooter, Raheel Ahmed later committed suicide. Police force found Khan dead and Ahmed hurt after they showed up at. The incident happened within the block 200, East Ohio Street around 4:30 p.m. See the following guide to educate yourself regarding Raheel Georgia.

Who’s Raheel Ahmed

Whilst not many details could be acquired about Raheel Ahmed, based on among Sania’s buddies, she and Raheel had broken up throughout the cold several weeks of 2021. Some state that they been divorced, even though some mention that they’re getting divorced. Although there is no clearness regarding relationship status, it’s apparent that they’re not tighter just like a couple.

In regards to the incident

According to police sources, Raheel journeyed from his residence in Georgia gunned lower his estranged wife at her apartment in Streeterville on Monday mid-next day of which Raheel Ahmed Georgia switched the pistol on themselves as cops looked for to get in.

Around 4:30 p.m., officials maintained as for the 200 block of East Ohio Street when Alpharetta, Georgia, police allowed to judge Raheel Ahmed, 36, for his well-being. According to his relatives, he disappeared within the Atlanta neighborhood where he resided. In line with the investigations, an Alpharetta officer informed Chicago government physiques he and also the wife, Sania Khan, 29, happen to be coping with divorce. Raheel demonstrated up here to save the marriage while he was miserable and sad.

Just what the Police States

In line with the sources, Raheel Georgia was located in a master bedroom along with been shot inside the mind. He is discovered getting a 9mm Glock hands gun plus a suicide note close by. When the police team demonstrated up, they found Khan still with the entrance. She’d a bullet injuries for the backside of her skull and her face with cold, crusted blood stream. In line with the Prepare County health examiner’s office and Chicago police, Khan, was declared dead within the scene. After getting used in Northwestern Memorial Hospital, also, he died there. The examiner’s office determined that Sania’s dying will be a murder. It absolutely was also mentioned that Raheel committed suicide.

Who was simply Sania Khan, wife of Raheel Georgia

Sania Khan, an expert professional photographer, informed on her behalf account website regarding her arrival to Chicago in June of 2021 from Chattanooga, Tennessee, where she was elevated. She pointed out that the purpose of her job would have been to document life’s finest remembrances, and her website features pictures of weddings and contented couples.


Within the following sentences, we discussed Raheel Ahmed and Sania Khan, who he shot to dying. We discussed what everything about the whole incident is known. We had just what the police discovered.

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