‘Russian Salad’ Out Of Stock At NATO Summit Cafe, Sets off Humour Fest


Madrid: As they waited to the appearance of U.S. Director Joe Biden and other planet executives inside the high-safety NATO summit location about the outskirts of Madrid on Tuesday, overseas authorities and correspondents were actually bemused to find “Russian Salad” on the top of the in-house restaurant food selection.

The melange of peas, potatoes, mayonnaise and carrots is a standard on Spanish bistro choices but before a summit from which Russia is expected being labelled as a security danger inside the alliance’s new proper principle above its attack of Ukraine, its appearance in the menus caused consternation.

“European greens at the NATO summit? I’m a little bit surprised at that selection of recipe,” journalist Iñaki López informed Spanish media wall socket La Sexta.

The dish’s attractively high carb information showed up to trump its doubtful brand however, plus it apparently out of stock in time.

Much more diplomatic imagined was applied to the food selection offered to browsing defence and international ministers in a meal at the Baroque Santa Cruz Palace in Core Madrid on Tuesday evening hours.


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