Remove Search9+ | Fed Up With Promoting Malicious Tools and Services While Browsing?


Search9+ is an advertising support program that provides suspicious content promoting malicious tools and services.

Search9 + Search9 + virus is an adware type virus which has been identified as Win32: PUP-gen and PUP.AD.SEARCH9+. The main problem caused by this PUP is content like objectionable advertisements.

  • The risk level is low. It displays annoying content and does not directly harm the system
  • Collect information about key risk users and share data with third-party companies
  • Symptoms
  • Some changes to your web browser:
  • Changed search engine, start page, new tab window.
  • Change bookmark list.
  • Continuous reproduction of multiple pop-up ads.
  • Redirects to unusual and potentially malicious websites.
  • slow down in all web browsers

Win32: PUP-gen or PUP.AD.SEARCH9 + . found as distribution software bundle

Download Reimage and Run System-wide Scan to Remove Search9+ and Related Programs

Some have noticed a connection between Search9+ and Search9.js files. However, such a relationship is not appropriate. .jp is a file by Metrowerks[1] associated with CodeWarrior Development Studio, which is a legitimate Windows OS application. PUP presents valid file names to avoid easy detection and deletion.

Fortunately, no matter how aggressive people are to call this intruder a virus, it does not fall under the category of malicious cyber infection. The level of risk is low because the changes it initiates are more intrusive than dangerous. Once installed, potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) do the following:

  1. Install browser extensions, plugins and bookmarks.
  2. Replaces search engine, start page and similar settings in all browsers.
  3. Set up a tracking cookie to access your search data.
  4. Random web page text turned into hyperlinks.
  5. Show annoying pop-up ads promoting fake software updates.
  6. Infects banners and hyperlinks of frequently visited sites.

Search9+virus aims to promote the websites of its affiliates and increase the percentage of visitors to the respective websites. However, cyber security experts do not monitor the content of all sites that may try to spread searches. [2] Security teams may advertise unsafe domains, where some of the links and ads they display are filled with malicious software installers, fake questions, quizzes, giveaway scams, and more. warn up.

In addition to deceptive content, we recommend that you remove Search9+ due to unauthorized use of tracking cookies and web beacons. These technologies are used to collect information related to browsing, including but not limited to IP addresses, email addresses, geographic locations, etc. The problem is that accumulated data can be transmitted between suspicious third parties, creating flashy advertisements and attracting attention.

It looks like this browser hijacker is specifically targeted towards Mac OS users (though Windows is also unaffected).

  • btvlit.plist
  • disable.plist
  • dolnwoad.plist
  • uadpte.plist etc.

If you want to delete Search9+ permanently, you have to delete all these entries. The easiest way to get rid of malware and all its components is to use a complete system scan with anti-malware and system repair tools. Specifically, we recommend using ReImage and SpyHunter 5 to see what malicious programs [3] are hiding in your Mac and Windows OS.

To remove Search9+ permanently, please also reset your web browser. Here’s an explanation of how to do it without wiping your browser settings.

Search9 + virusSearch9 + is an unwanted program that has a huge impact on your device. Its annoying ads, redirects to questionable sites, and extra commercial content can significantly reduce your online time and slow down your machine.

Malware developers use bundle technology to spread viruses unnoticed

Whether you are in a hurry or not, you should check your freeware installation settings as carefully as possible. If you skip the step, you can install additional programs and you will get nowhere. This is because even trusted free apps may include “download options” that are installed by default unless you opt out.

In order to crack the software bundle, it is required that you choose an advanced or custom installation method and read the privacy policy, terms of use and other information provided. In particular, search for pre-marked unknown browser extensions. Be sure to uncheck the boxes that indicate that you agree to the installation of additional components and the changes they may introduce.

Remove Search9+ to protect yourself while browsing

If you are concerned about the condition of your device due to potentially unwanted program intrusion, remove Search9+ virus as soon as possible. To do this, we recommend that you use the Auto-Remove option to help you find all malicious or at least unwanted components hidden in your system. Keep in mind that such PUPs modify your computer’s registry so that they are not deleted.

If you don’t want to choose to auto-remove Search9+, use the guide below. However, anti-malware or system repair tools can be used to visually improve the entire system and its capabilities. Before you can fix your Mac after hijacking, you need to perform the following steps to eliminate the malicious process.

  • Go to Finder-> Activity Monitor.
  • Look at the running processes and mark the processes that you think are related to Search9+ (processes usually consume a lot of computer resources).
  • Click on (i) in the top window and wait for a new window to appear.
  • Click Finish.

You can use reimage to remove virus damage. SpyHunter 5 and Malwarebytes advised that you detect effectively viruses and unwanted programs, as well as all files and registry entries associated with them.

Remove Search9+. follow the steps below

Step 1. Uninstall from Windows

Step 2. Remove from macOS

Step 3. Remove from Microsoft Edge

Step 4. Delete from Mozilla Firefox

Step 5. Remove from Google Chrome

Step 6. Uninstall from Safari

Remove from windows

  1. To remove Search 9+ from Windows, follow these steps to exit intruder.
  1. Windows 10/8 Machine Steps:
  1. Type control panel in the Windows search box and press Enter or click the search result.
  2. Under Programs, select Uninstall a program. Uninstall from Windows 1.
  3. Locate the suspicious program entry in the list.
  4. Right-click on the application and choose Uninstall.
  5. When User Account Control appears, click Yes.
  6. Wait for the uninstallation process to complete and click OK.

Remove from macOS

To fix your Mac after hijacking this adware, use the following guide to remove all potentially unwanted programs and reset your corrupted browser.

  1. Delete items from the Applications folder.
  2. In the menu bar, then Opt Go then go for Applications.
  3. Look for all relevant entries in the Applications folder.
  4. To uninstall from Mac1 click on the app and drag it to Trash (or right-click and choose Go to Trash)
  5. To permanently remove unwanted apps, you need to go to Application Support, LaunchAgents and LaunchDaemons folders and delete the associated files.
  1. Select Go > Go to Folder.
  2. Type /Library/Application Support and click Go or press Enter.
  3. Look for the suspicious entry in the Application Support folder and then delete it.
  4. Then enter /Library/LaunchAgent and /Library/LaunchDaemons folders in the same way and exit all associated .plist files. Uninstall from Mac2.

Remove from Microsoft Edge

  • Open Edge and select Settings > Extensions.
  • Click Remove to remove the extensions you don’t need.
  • Remove Extensions from Chromium Edge
  • Clear cache and site data.
  • Click on Menu to go to Settings.
  • Select Privacy & Services.
  • Under Clear browsing history data, choose what you want to clear.
  • For the time frame, select All time.
  • Select Clear Now.
  • Clear browser data from Chrome Edge
  • Reset Chromium-based MS Edge.
  • Click on Menu and choose Settings.
  • On the left, select Reset Settings.
  • Select Reset Settings to Default Values.
  • Confirm by resetting. Reset Chromium Edge.

remove extension from firefox

  • Reset home page.
  • To open the menu, click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner.
  • choose an option.
  • In the Home option, enter the preferred site to open every time you open Mozilla Firefox.
  • Clear cookies and site data.
  • Click on Menu and select Options.
  • Go to the Privacy & Security section.
  • Scroll to search Site Data and Cookies.
  • Click Erase Data…
  • Select Cookies, Site Data, and Cached Web Content and press Clear.
  • Reset mozilla firefox

If clearing your browser as described above doesn’t solve the problem, please reset Mozilla Firefox.

  • Open browser Mozilla Firefox and tap on Menu bar.
  • Go to Help and select your troubleshooting information. Reset Firefox 1.
  • In the Make Adjustments to Firefox section, click Update Firefox…
  • When the popup appears, press Update Firefox to confirm action.
  • Follow the tutorial below to restore your settings in Chrome.

Remove malicious extension from Google Chrome.

  • Open Google Chrome, click on Menu (the three vertical dots in the top right corner) and choose More Tools > Extensions.
  • A new window will appear showing all installed extensions. Click Remove to uninstall all suspicious plugins related to unwanted programs. remove extension from chrome
  • Clear cache and web data from Chrome.
  • Click on Menu and choose Settings.
  • Under Privacy & Security, select Clear browsing history data.
  • Select your browsing history, cookies, other site data, and cached images and files.
  • Click Erase Data. Clear Cache and Web Data from Chrome
  • Change home page.
  • Click on Menu and choose Settings.
  • Look for suspicious sites in the Startup section.
  • Click Open a specific page or set of pages and click the three dots to find the Delete option.
  • Reset Google Chrome:

If the previous method does not solve the problem, reset Google Chrome to remove all unnecessary components.

  • Click on Menu and choose Settings.
  • Under Settings, scroll down and click on Details.
  • Scroll down to find the Reset & Cleanup section.


Search9+ is an adware that can seriously impact your search by disturbing you with unnecessary ads in your browser. Its purpose is to redirect users to pre-selected sites and make them understand the usefulness of the advertised product. However, given that this PUP is already included in the database of some security programs such as Win32:PUP-gen and PUP.AD.SEARCH9+, you should place it as close to advertising as possible. .. However, if you want to download freeware without proper monitoring of your installation, you might not notice the moment a virus invades your computer as it is actively spreading with the help of bundles. Is. Luckily, it is not difficult to prevent Search9+ virus on your system or eliminate it using proper removal procedure.


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