Online news reports show that there are hundreds of drowning incidents every year. Some of them prove to be fatal but nonetheless, it brings one important fact to the surface there is a real need for more lifeguards on our beaches and public and private water places.

The latest figures in this respect also show that there is a large number of lifeguard positions vacant at pools and beaches. People really need to get registered for lifeguard training near them at reputed training providers. American Lifeguards Association has lifeguard training centres all over the country in all major cities.

Lifeguard training is not just professional career building training but keeps you fit and active and also makes you mentally strong to coup up with emergencies. There are a number of different reasons that can make up your mind to become a lifeguard. Here we will discuss some of the good reasons to become registered for a lifeguard training near you.

Turn your passion into a job

Many people register for professional lifeguard training because they have a passion for water, have a good knowledge of it, and know its dangers. Most certified lifeguards have a certain level in a nautical activity whether swimming, diving, surfing, canoeing, sailing… Which links them closely with this element of water.

By becoming a certified lifeguard, you associate your passion with work, and it’s a real chance to be able to live from it. Being led to exercise what you love most day in and day out is tremendously fulfilling in your career choice.

How many people are not passionate about their work and don’t like what they do. Choosing a profession out of passion is the guarantee of obtaining better results in your profession. Passion is a real driver of motivation at work and to be happier at work. This is an important dimension today in the world of work. Lack of happiness at work is one of the biggest causes of burnout. Getting up in the morning happy to live from your passion makes you happier than when you feel obliged to implement daily routines that are not exciting. And who says happier at work inevitably says happier in life because the impact of work plays on your personal life.

Of course, there will be ups and downs. There will also be colleagues or bosses who may not be the best or the friendliest, but there will always be this passion that will guide you and enliven your days. Passion allows you to give meaning to your work in which you thrive on a daily basis.

The human side of lifeguarding

In the profession of a lifeguard, there is a very human approach. The desire to help others is a strong element in this job and the relationship with human life is constantly present, especially when swimmers put their lives in the hands of lifeguards during their swim. It is true that this profession requires a great deal of attention, reactivity and composure when supervising swimming, but that is not all.

It is also important to have pedagogy, and patience, especially during the interventions where one can be confronted with particular situations but also during the swimming lessons. The lifeguard must be closer to people, and put them in confidence. Some people call on them to fight against their aquaphobia. Words and gestures are important in this kind of situation.

During the many activities that the lifeguard supervises, he is brought to meet a large audience such as school groups, retirees, mothers and their babies… this is also what is exciting when you are a lifeguard but the approach will be different each time when teaching swimming. Whether it is to give advice on a breaststroke technique to a person who wants to improve, to accompany a young mother and her baby by teaching her the safety rules and thus avoid drowning.

All this requires being a teacher, patient and want to share your passion with as many people as possible. We must therefore constantly adapt according to the expectations of each public: we do not behave in the same way with children in the context of school swimming and older people who come to relax.

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Final Words

A lifeguard is in the field of public service with a very important responsibility to be a lifesaver. When you are registering for a lifeguard training program, it is not just about having fun in the water but keeping an eye on the overall water situation and people to follow the rules of the area to save them from drowning or any other life-threatening emergency for themselves or the others around them.


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