Steakhouse Longhorn Scam : Get Read About This Scam!


Read exclusive facts about Steakhouse Longhorn Scam to find out more about the scheme that is going viral.

With over 559 restaurants in the United States and Puerto Rico, Longhorn Steakhouse is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Darden Restaurants.

Did you know ads circulated on Facebook as part of the Steakhouse Scam were run by Rick Cardenas, CEO of Longhorn Steakhouse?

A message from Todd Borrows Gorham, president of Longhorn Steakhouse, circulated on the @Longhorn-Steak-Houses-Fans-116675758022058 pages.

In the message, Todd announced his appointment as the new CEO of Longhorn Steakhouse and offered two free meals at any Longhorn Steakhouse.

You must forward the ad/message to at least thirty people within 72 hours of receiving it. The post has been shared over 50K times.

10K+ customers rated Steakhouse Longhorn 4/5 stars.

Ad Reality:

What makes this advertisement fake?

A Steakhouse Longhorn scam advertisement appears on this fan page anonymously. There is no way to know who sent the ad and how many times it was forwarded.

On the Facebook fan page, no mention is made of how users can receive/claim a coupon or reward in exchange for free meals, leading you to believe this ad is fake and useless.

Steakhouse Longhorn Scam plot:

Todd, the president of Longhorn Steakhouse, did not initiate the offer of free meals for two people, nor did Todd change Longhorn Steakhouse’s CEO.

On 18th/March/2023, a similar ad became viral on a Facebook fan page. The viral message had created havoc among Longhorn Steakhouse’s customers at the time. Longhorn Steakhouse, a well-known and popular restaurant, has never been the target of a publicity stunt. In reality, the Steakhouse Longhorn Scam was a way to discredit Longhorn Steakhouse as the customers’ high expectations were crushed when they found out that the advertisement was fake. Longhorn Steakhouse will be portrayed negatively as a result.

Longhorn Steakhouse:

A variety of delicacies are served at Longhorn Steakhouse, including Sirloin Steaks, Flo’s Filets, Filet Mignons, and French Fries, which are all seasoned with their signature seasoning. The restaurant also offers chicken, ribs, shrimp, lobster, salads, Texas Tonion, Wild West Shrimp, soups, hamburgers, sandwiches, and a full bar that serves Signature Margaritas.

Under the banner Steakhouse Longhorn Scam, the viral advertisement offered two free meals.

Located all over the country, Longhorn Steakhouse restaurants are decorated in oil paint and decorated with Western or Texan themed memorabilia.

In conclusion:

The Longhorn Steakhouse official logo used on Longhorn Steakhouse fan pages. After the viral ad, it was changed to include a Longhorn Steakhouse location. The ad/post has also been removed from the fan pages. To learn more about Longhorn Steakhouse’s official discounts and offers, visit their official website. For more information on Longhorn Steakhouse’s official discounts and offers, click here.

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