Teachers – Your North Star [2021-2022 Updated News


If someone asked you if you have a teacher you like and the reasons behind you liking that particular teacher, what would you say? We like our teachers for various reasons – sometimes may be they are so good to you and support you in everything you do, sometimes because they are friendly, sometimes it would be because they always help you out, clear your doubts and always makes themselves available for you and other times, it might be because they are ready to listen to you when no one else will.

In the Hindi movie ‘Hitchki’, we see students who do not respect any of their teachers but finally start loving their class teacher, who makes a lot of effort to know them and help them soar. That is how she ends up being their ‘North Star’ – the star that shows them the right direction, and all they have to do, anytime they feel lost, is to just look up.

Teachers are individuals who play a very vital role in shaping the future of a nation. They are normal human beings who turn out to be superheroes in the eyes of their students for all that they do for them. When parents sometimes loathe and find it a huge task to manage one or two kids, teachers sacrifice a lot of things like spending time with their own families in order to be able to cater to each one of their students. There are students who confide in their teachers more than they do in their parents. No good teacher will be able to overlook a kid who is undergoing any sort of trouble. Normally, if a teacher finds a kid who is extremely silent or extremely notorious in class, he/she takes utmost care to understand what is really going on with the kid and also tries to help the kid come out of that situation. Having teachers like these is an absolute blessing and never hesitate if you are ever given an opportunity to give a speech on teachers as it might be the one chance where you can let your teachers know what you would otherwise not be able to.

The greatest gift you could give your teachers would be to grow up as individuals who care for their fellow beings and work hard to build up an economically and socially strong society. Teachers are the only people who do not feel jealous about your successes, no matter how famous you get. They will always feel proud to see the person you are becoming. To these individuals who selflessly dedicate their time and themselves to us for the most part of our childhood, saying ‘Thank you’ is the least you could do. Be it a Teachers’ Day celebration, a Retirement Party, or any random day, sharing a vote of thanks speech on behalf of all your friends and classmates would be a lovely gesture that they would never forget.

No matter how old you grow or how famous you are, never ever forget your teachers – your ‘North Star’ who did not just impart knowledge about various subjects but also taught you life lessons through stories and anecdotes. All of this is what has made you the person you are today. Teachers are really the superstars of every nation as they participate and play a very pioneering role in the building of a nation.


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