The 4 Best Free Text Editors updated 2022.


Computers come pre-installed having a program that may open and edit text files. It’s known as TextEdit on Macs and Notepad on Home windows, but neither are very as advanced as a few of the third-party applications currently available.

Here is a list of the greatest free text editors. Rely on them to edit from TXT files to HTML, CSS, JAVA, VBS, PHP, BAT files, and much more. They may also be used to transform between individuals formats.

If you simply need an excellent magic formula to strip the formatting from some text or to create a .TXT file without installing a course, try Edit Pad. For conversions, a document ripper tools is generally preferred.

01 Notepad

What We Should Like

  • Tabbed interface
  • Instantly restores lately opened up, unsaved files
  • Auto-completes while you write
  • Includes a lot of really useful features like macros, syntax highlighting, and plugins
  • Opens essentially any file like a text document
  • There is a portable version available

What We Should Can’t Stand

  • Operates on Home windows only

Notepad is a superb alternative notepad application for Home windows computers. It’s really simple to use for novices who only need a text file opener or editor but additionally includes some really advanced features.

The program uses tabbed browsing, meaning several documents remain open at any given time and they’re going to display at the very top as tabs. While each tab represents its very own file, this program can interact wonderful them at the same time to complete such things as compare files for variations and check for or replace text.

Most likely the simplest way to edit files with this particular tool would be to right-click on the file and select Edit with Notepad in the context menu.

The program can open nearly any file like a text document and supports plenty of useful plugins. Additionally, it features a really handy text search-and-replace function, automatic syntax highlighting, word auto-completion, offline text-file conversion.

The Find option looks for words with criteria like backward direction, match whole word only, match situation, and cover.

Also supported: bookmarking, macros, auto-backup, multi-page searching, started again sessions, read-only mode, encoding conversions, trying to find words on Wikipedia, and opening the document inside your internet browser.

Notepad accepts plugins to complete such things as auto-save open documents, merge all of the text from open documents into one primary file, align programming code, monitor open documents to refresh them because they change, copy several item in the clipboard at the same time, and plenty more.

It saves text documents to a lot of formats like TXT, CSS, ASM, AU3, Party, BAT, HPP, CC, DIFF, HTML, REG, HEX, JAVA, SQL, and VBS.

Home windows may be the only supported OS, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. You may also grab a transportable version in the download the first page is incorporated in the ZIP format and yet another is really a 7Z file.

Download Notepad

02 Brackets

What We Should Like

  • Ideal for an uncluttered, minimal working space
  • Supports split-screen editing
  • Includes code-specific syntax highlighting
  • Can observe updates for many files reside in your internet browser
  • Enables you to use keyboard shortcuts
  • Plugins are supported to include additional features

What We Should Can’t Stand

  • Built mainly for those who have code rise in mind, so the majority of the features are focused on project files, displaying code, etc.
  • Last update is at 2020.

Brackets is really a free text editor that’s mainly intended for web-site designers, but could obviously be utilised by anybody to see or edit a text document.

The interface is neat and modern and feels really simple to use despite all its advanced settings. Actually, almost all the choices are stashed from plain site to ensure that it is easy for anybody to make use of, that also offers an very open UI for editing.

Code authors might like this Brackets highlights syntax, can split the screen to edit several document concurrently, enables you to click one button for any rather easy distraction-free interface, and supports plenty of keyboard shortcuts to be able to rapidly indent, duplicate, move between lines, toggle line and block comments, show or hide code hints, and much more.

You are able to rapidly alter the file type you are dealing with to right away change syntax highlighting rules, in addition to alter the encoding from the file if you want to.

If you are editing a CSS or HTML file, you are able to let the Live Preview choice to watch the page update instantly inside your internet browser while you make changes towards the file.

The Significant Files area is to can open all the files owed one project, and rapidly move together without departing this program.

A few examples of plugins you should use include someone to support W3C validation, Ungit to really make it simpler to make use of Git, an HTML tag menu, and Python tools.

This program comes installed with a dark along with a light theme that you could change anytime, but you will find a large number of others that you could install with the Extensions Manager.

Download Brackets

03 Komodo Edit

What We Should Like

  • Very attractive and modern interface
  • You may make virtual projects to create together files from various locations
  • Supports improvements not present in similar text editors
  • Altering the interface setup is simple with a single click
  • The tabbed interface is simple to utilize
  • Operates on Linux, macOS, and Home windows

What We Should Can’t Stand

  • It is a bit complex-despite its minimal UI-for those who want only a simple text editor

Komodo Edit is yet another free text editor having a obvious and minimal design that also seems to pack some awesome features.

Various view modes are incorporated to be able to rapidly open or close specific home windows. The first is an emphasis mode to cover all the open home windows and merely display the editor, and also the others show or hide such things as folders, the syntax checker results, and notifications.

The program simplifies the treating of all open text documents. Towards the top from the program is the road to the presently opened up file, and you may choose the arrow alongside any folder to obtain a listing of files, any that will open like a new tab in Komodo Edit if you choose it.

The folder views off aside will also be really helpful given that they allow you to check out the file system in addition to create virtual projects that link folders and files together to higher organize what you ought to focus on.

A distinctive feature may be the area in the upper-left side from the program that allows you to not just undo and redo like the majority of programs, but additionally return to the prior cursor location, in addition to move forward to go back to in which you just were.

Here are a few additional features important to note: you are able to connect with an online FTP server to spread out or save files, supports bookmarking specific regions of the document, enables you to change to a large number of file types to focus on syntax differently and also to save under that format, the “Visit Anything” search engine enables you to look for files to spread out, install add-ons, run scripts and instructions, open menus, install other languages, alter the color plan, etc., lately closed tabs and files are simple to re-open, preview files inside a internet browser, build templates from existing files, the “Watch File” option can open a document inside a new window for reference without having to be put into the tabbed listing of files you are editing, also it records macros that may be performed to repeat things.

Download Komodo Edit

04 Visual Studio Code

What We Should Like

  • Whole folders could be opened up at the same time to spread out all the text files
  • A small interface is simply one look away
  • Supports tabs for simple file tracking
  • Features a debugger ideal for source code editing
  • Frequently updated with enhancements.

What We Should Can’t Stand

  • Centered mainly around editing and debugging code, so it may be an excessive amount of for that average user
  • Settings take time and effort to alter

Visual Studio Code is really a free text editor that’s used mainly like a source code editor.

This program is very minimal as well as includes a “Zen Mode” option that immediately hides all of the menus and home windows, and maximizes this program to fill the entire screen.

The tabbed browsing interface seen along with other text editors is supported because well, that makes it quite simple to utilize multiple documents at the same time.

You may also open entire folders of files at the same time if you are focusing on a task, as well as save the work for simple retrieval later.

However, this text editor most likely is not ideal unless of course you intend for doing things for programming purposes. You will find entire sections focused on debugging code, viewing command outputs, managing source control providers, as well as utilizing a built-in Command Prompt.

Here are a few features you will probably find helpful within this program: open whole folders at the same time in the right-click context menu, “Change All Occurrences” option makes it simple to pick and edit text you need to change through the entire document in a single sweep, “Relabel Refactoring” changes the an emblem in each and every demonstration of it across all of the documents inside your project, opening lately closed documents is simple since they are listed in the same location, “IntelliSense” helps you to instantly complete code according to surrounding text and the position of the cursor within the document, files could be auto-saved should you turn the choice on, and documents can rapidly be reverted towards the condition these were in whenever you last saved them.

Download Visual Studio Code

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