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The Best Places to Live in the D.C. Area

The Best Places to Live in the D.C. Area


Washington D.C. is a fantastic area for anyone who wants to live in a city of growth and change!  Not only is this the nation’s capital, but it’s also a hot hub for arts, culture, and education.  

Unfortunately, it’s expensive to live in D.C. proper: so it’s a good idea to move to one of these areas instead! 

Why Live in the D.C. Area?

Washington D.C. is a hot spot for everything from education to arts, history, science, and music.  You’ll never run out of things to do and see, and you can rely on a far higher salary than the national average.

Although it’s pricey to live in this area, you can lower this cost by accepting commuting into the city.  The average worker in D.C. drives between twenty to forty minutes to get to work, and the traffic in this area can be rough if you’re not used to it.


This smaller neighborhood has gorgeous architecture, beautiful historic buildings and landmarks, and a fantastic educational system.  This is the place to live if you want to feel like you’re in a smaller town while getting to keep the perks of living in one of the biggest cities in the country.


Located in Arlington, this is one of the most prosperous areas in the state.  Clarendon is up and coming, with fashionable and unique stores and restaurants and redevelopment happening to make it a fantastic home for singles and families alike.  There’s something fantastic for everyone in this area.

Capitol Hill

Capitol hill is an amazing neighborhood, possibly the oldest in D.C.  This is a fantastic area for anyone who knows a lot about the history of the area and wants to get more in touch with learning.  Although this was the intended home for government officials, most of the people who live here work outside of the government and enjoy things like the local shops and restaurants. 

Tips Before You Move

Due to the cost of everything from Georgetown to Arlington real estate: it’s vital that you save up before you move to this area!  A good rule of thumb is to save at least three months of expenses in your target city before you move there.  These savings will allow you to put down a downpayment for an apartment, still get groceries and food, and take the time to job hunt before you have to worry about bills again.  

A better idea is to try and get a job lined up before you move out.  Although this can be harder to do, especially if you’re moving from far away and don’t work in an industry that’s easily transferable: it’s the only way to move without the stress of uncertainty.

Moving to the D.C. Area Can Be A Fantastic Change

Whether you’re moving for a new career change or because you want to offer your kids the chance at a better education: Washington D.C. is the place to go!  Consider moving to this awesome city soon! 



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