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An inexpensive projector could be a terrific way to enhance a family room or bed room without emptying your wallet. An inexpensive projector is yet another clever way to produce a big-screen home cinema experience in a tiny space that does not fit a sizable 4K TV. They are able to frequently be considered a lot less expensive than purchasing a new TV too.

Selecting a projector is difficult, as a lot depends upon the area you are putting it in and just how you utilize it, regardless of whether you decide you would like to put it together like a home entertainment for your loved ones or outside camping journeys and business presentations. You’ll should also know what you ought to consider when searching for relation to projector resolution and brightness for the intended purposes.

We’ve researched and tested models according to compatibility needs (for wireless connectivity and computer ports) as well as other uses. Here are the most useful best budget projectors you need to take a look at.

The Rundown

Best Overall: Vankyo Leisure 3

The Vankyo Leisure 3 is really a solid option for an inexpensive projector with all the usual features. It arrives with its very own carry situation and HDMI ports, Audio-video, and VGA ports, cables, meaning you will not desire to make any extra connector purchases. Additionally, it features SD and USB ports to see media from the card or stick and it is super easy to setup, whether connecting a laptop, smart device, or video gaming console.

While using built-in operating-system to navigate the settings and options using the incorporated remote is fairly intuitive. However, the stand is very small, meaning you may want to prop it to a table or desk with something to obtain the position you would like. The Two,000:1 contrast ratio provides solid display quality, however the brightness level is surprisingly dimmer than you might expect from the projector boasting 2,400 lumens.

The built-in speaker is not likely to thrill individuals accustomed to high-quality audio systems or perhaps a good built-in laptop speaker. Fortunately, the Vankyo Leisure 3 includes a 3.5mm cable port which enables for any link with an exterior speaker. You may also bypass the built-in speaker by conveying your audio from the origin device, just like your computer or streaming stick.

Resolution: 1920×1080 Brightness: 2400 lumens Contrast ratio: 2000:1 Projection size: 170 inches

While there have been certain design options that come with the Vankyo Leisure 3 we appreciated, we couldn’t help but believe that the projector felt and appeared as if an inexpensive toy. When modifying the main focus, we observed the lens was shaky and didn’t fit tightly within the situation. At just 4 ft, the ability cord is annoyingly short so we had to obtain an extension cord to make use of the projector. We did such as the transporting situation that included the projector-they fit everything inside such as the cables and remote. We found the setup process simple and easy. Surprisingly, the projection was nice obvious with decent color and contrast. The bulb may not be vibrant, though, and the only method to obtain a decent projection is in an exceedingly dark room. Generally, we’d say this projector isn’t appropriate for business situations. Don’t expect much with regards to the 2 2W built-in loudspeakers we found them essentially useless. They’re thin, tinny, harsh, plus they match the fan noise. Fortunately the projector includes a headphone port that functions being an audio output, but we opted for connecting a laptop to some portable Bluetooth speaker and employ that as our audio source rather. – Benjamin Zeman, Product Tester

Perfect for Presentations: Epson EX3280 XGA Projector

The Epson EX3280 might be more costly than another budget projectors, but it is a good option if you are searching for any portable projector for business conferences and gatherings.

The 768p XGA resolution and 15,000:1 contrast ratio imply that documents with many different text and specifics will clearly display when forecasted. The support for HDMI, USB, and VGA inputs should suit most contemporary small business. While the possible lack of an Sdcard slot is inconvenient, you could transfer the information to some USB stick or perhaps a device connected via cable.

Three 1000 six-hundred lumens, many for this type of relatively cheap projector, offer a obvious picture and does not restrict your presentations to some completely dark room like other projectors within this cost range. The built-in sensor that instantly corrects the look to make sure it isn’t distorted can also be impressive.

Resolution: 1024×768 Brightness: 3,600 lumens Contrast Ratio: 15000:1 Projection Size: 300 inches

Best Short Throw: BenQ HT2150ST Projector

The BenQ HT2150ST is admittedly around the greater finish from the cheap projector category, but It’s still worth thinking about, especially if you prefer a good projector for gaming. This model boasts incredibly low latency with only a 16ms input lag, meaning hardly any delay from the time you press a relevant video game controller button to once the action happens on-screen.

This budget projector also has a 1:1.69 feet throw ratio that provides an extra 2 ft of image for each feet from the wall or screen the projector sits. This ratio is nice because it will help you to create a sizable projection when used in a tiny place like a child’s bed room or tent.

The Two,200 ANSI lumens permit the BenQ HT2150ST to use a generally solid show in dimly-lit rooms as the support for 1080p resolution and 15,000:1 contrast ratio creates a projection with solids and specifics.

Where this projector really impresses is by using its selection of ports. With two HDMI ports, a USB-A port, a USB Small-B port, 3.5mm input and output audio jacks, an RS-232 control port, along with a PC VGA port, very couple of devices won’t have the ability to connect with the BenQ HT2150ST.

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Brightness: 2,200 ANSI Lumens Contrast ratio: 15,000:1 Projection size:as much as 300 inches

Among the best areas of the BenQ HT2150ST is its short throw lens, giving buyers an incredible projection experience which will work in about any room configuration. Single.2x zoom provides you with a respectable amount of have fun with the picture size, permitting more versatility in projector placement. This may not appear just like a huge deal initially, but when we began establishing the projector and using the practicalities of finding the right placement and projection surface, we rapidly felt the advantages of this selection. A similarly important design feature for many, though it may be not highlighted as frequently, is noise. The BenQ performs perfectly within this category, delivering whisper-quiet fan performance and doing a fantastic job of making as couple of distractions as you possibly can. Picture quality is certainly the primary attraction for that HT2150ST. The image is vibrant and sharp from corner to corner, with excellent color and contrast performance. The only real put the HT2150ST loses marks is by using brightness uniformity. May possibly not be plainly visible during normal use, but during testing, the main difference in luminance from edge to edge is certainly noticeable. The audio is noticeably much better than other projectors we’ve tested, but that is a reasonably low bar. – Jonno Hill, Product Tester

Perfect for Phones: TopVision T21

The Topvision T21 is definitely an affordable projector created for dealing with smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It may connect with devices via HDMI, USB, VGA, and Audio-video and mirror their displays on the wall or screen in 1080p resolution.

The Three,600 lumens and 2000:1 contrast ratio produce a rather top quality projection that’s sharp and vibrant. The built-in loudspeakers offer fundamental surround seem that won’t contend with an effective speakers but they are ample for casual movie viewings. That isn’t harmful to this type of budget-friendly projector.

Resolution: 1920×1080 Brightness: 3600 lumens Contrast ratio: 2000:1 Projection size: 176 inches

Best Portable: Kodak Luma 150 Pocket Projector

The disappointing 480p resolution on Kodak’s Luma 150 projector rules it like a primary home cinema projector, nevertheless its small size and classy build allow it to be a perfect solution like a projector to go somewhere with, attending gatherings, or even the periodic presentation having a client on-location.

Additionally towards the usual HDMI and USB connections, the Luma 150 will also support wireless casting from Apple, Android, and Home windows devices. The 60 ANSI lumen hardware and occasional 1,000:1 contrast ratio do limit projections to smaller sized and more dark spaces, nevertheless its convenient size and support for tripods include extra functionality that lots of might find count the trade-off. If you are after an affordable portable projector, the Luma 150 may be worth a glance.

Resolution: 854×480 Brightness: 60 ANSI lumens Contrast ratio: 1000:1 Projection size: 150 inches

“This is really a fun and classy projector that will create a great gift in my nieces, and that i like this it really works both wirelessly with Bluetooth.” – Katie Dundas, Tech Author

Best Outside Projector: Anker Nebula Capsule Max

The Anker Nebula Capsule Max projector features the typical HDMI and USB ports allowing you to connect media, nevertheless its real claim that they can fame is its built-in support for that Android operating-system, which enables it to operate Android apps natively. Its not necessary for connecting another device towards the Nebula Capsule Max for streaming content nor be worried about copyright-protected content when casting Netflix or Disney Plus. You are able to run your preferred apps from the projector itself as though it’s a tablet or smart TV. You will have to make use of the Nebula Capsule Max smartphone application to manage the apps you take around the projector, though.

Another advantage from the Nebula Capsule Max project is its size. How big a soda can, this cheap projector is extremely simple to pack for any trip and store in your own home keep. The Anker isn’t perfect, though. Offering just four hrs of battery existence, it’ll have to be connected to an electrical source very regularly. Its low lumen count also affects its visibility in vibrant environments.

Resolution: 1280×720 Brightness: 200 ANSI lumens Contrast ratio: 400:1 Projection size: 100 inches

Best Budget: Philips NeoPix Easy Projector

The Philips NeoPix Easy is really a budget projector worth searching at although it certainly isn’t for everybody. Although it does support HDMI, VG, USB, and MicroUSB sources, the output resolution is just 480p. It’s a lengthy cry from the proper 1080p HD resolution as well as an even more cry from what’s provided with a higher-finish 4K projector. This low resolution will probably be an offer-breaker if you wish to watch movies online and television shows in top quality however this also shouldn’t bother children or casual viewers who do not have a skilled eye for picture quality.

There’s no Audio-video port around the Philips NeoPix Easy however the projector does provide an Audio-video adaptor so you’ll still have the ability to make use of an Audio-video source if that’s that which you prefer.

The 40 ANSI lumens can also be a problem for media enthusiasts because this rather low ANSI lumen count does reduce the projection brightness in rooms that aren’t completely dark. The Three,000:1 contrast ratio is solid, however, and also the 3.5mm audio output does allow you to make use of your own loudspeakers for audio.

Resolution: 800×480 Brightness: 40 ANSI lumens Contrast ratio: 3000:1 Projection size: 80 inches

Final Verdict

When searching to find the best cheap projector, it’s unequalled the Vankyo Leisure 3 Small (view at Walmart), which checks nearly every single box. This projector supports all the major ports required for connecting smart devices and computers via cable as well as features both usb port spot and Sdcard slot for viewing content saved on memory sticks and cards. For an inexpensive projector, you cannot do far better.

Things to look for in Cheap Projectors


With regards to projectors and brightness, the better a projector is, the greater it will likely be at projecting in environments with increased ambient light or from longer distances. If you are considering projecting near to the screen or wall as well as in dark environments, brightness might not matter just as much, however the brightness will become important for individuals who would like a level moderately versatile projector.

Projectors measure brightness in lumens. The greater the amount of lumens, the better the projector is. So what am i saying? Well, for any home projector utilized in dark environments, you could possibly pull off less than 1,000 lumens. Better projectors, however, will be more suitable for environments with a few ambient light. Having a bigger room a treadmill with increased ambient light, you’ll want something nearer to the two,000-lumen range, while really large or vibrant rooms may need more than that. For fundamental use, we advise something near to the 1,500-lumen range.

Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio is basically a measurement from the brightness between black and white-colored. The greater the contrast ratio, the much deeper the darks and also the better the whites. That’s great for TVs and projectors this means that there’s more detail inside a picture, developing a market viewing experience.

The contrast ratio is particularly essential for home projectors. In darkened rooms, the contrast could be more noticeable compared to rooms with many different light, which frequently mutes contrast.

“The contrast ratio is really a key differentiator between home entertainment projectors and business solutions. Movies and television shows with dark scenes need a greater contrast ratio for obvious distinction if you watch these scenes. Thus, most home entertainment projectors are made with greater contrast ratios than individuals used in business setting.” – Carlos Regonesi, Senior Product Manager, Epson America Corporation.

It’s worth noting that contrast ratio isn’t the be-all and finish-all picture quality. A projector having a 5,000:1 contrast ratio isn’t always two times just like one having a 2,500:1 contrast ratio. In the end, the contrast ratio only makes up about extremes-it doesn’t say much concerning the colors and grays among the brightest whites and blackest blacks.

So what’s a great contrast ratio? We advise a contrast ratio with a minimum of 1,000:1, though many projectors will boast a greater figure. That greater figure normally has a greater cost.


Much like TVs, smartphones, and computer monitors, projectors also display images in pixels-and much more pixels is really always better. Nowadays many projectors come with an HD resolution, which means 1920×1080 pixels, although you will see many having a lower resolution along with a bunch with 4K (4096×2160 pixels) resolutions. Within an era of common 4K content, a projector having a 4K resolution is good-but frequently has a hefty cost. For that reason, we advise finding one using the greatest resolution possible inside your cost range.


Just how much should a projector cost?

Projectors may differ in cost from under $100 to more than $2,000. This massive cost range is the reason why projectors that cost around $500 approximately continue to be regarded as cheap, or at best less expensive, than the others.

The maker or brand connected having a projector could affect the cost however the price is mostly impacted by the caliber of the projection and also the resolution it provides. For instance, a projector that should be used at nighttime and just displays a 480p resolution image cost $80 approximately while a 4K projector that creates a picture that’s completely obvious throughout the daytime all angles might cost around $1,500.

The number of lumens do you want inside a projector?

Lumen is really a expression used to explain the amount of light output from projectors along with other similar devices. The minimum requirement to produce a quality projection in the home theater setting is 1,000 lumens. In most cases, the greater the lumens, the greater the look quality. It’s worth noting, though, that cheaper projectors with lower lumen counts can frequently be completely fine if you are prioritizing portability and cost over quality. In the end, it’s unlikely that you will require a 4K home cinema experience from the portable projector made to keep kids entertained while camping inside a tent.

What’s the throw ratio on the projector?

The throw ratio may be the distance from a projector along with a screen needed to make a obvious or high-quality image. The throw ratio, sometimes known as the throw distance, is really a stat that’s completely separate from a projector’s lumen count and backbone. For instance, two 4K projectors with similar lumen count might have completely different throw ratios. Standard, or lengthy-throw, projectors usually require no less than 6 ft between your projector and also the screen to project a picture of 80 inches or even more, while short-throw projectors can produce a 100-inch image far away of just four to five ft. Throw ratios usually can be located on the projector’s description of product page and within its manual.

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Benjamin Zeman includes a background in film, photography, and graphics. He is experienced in film and video technology, and it has reviewed some of the projectors about this list.

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