Home News The Land Dispute in Ayodhya Came Up Again

The Land Dispute in Ayodhya Came Up Again


Following the historic decision of the Supreme Court on the temple-mosque dispute, the relatives of the officers and leaders stationed in Ayodhya have bought land on a large scale. But there were allegations of buying land at exorbitant prices. The allegations were leveled against Ayodhya mayor and trust secretary Champat Rai.

The same officials are investigating the land scam against the trust. There are allegations that the trust bought land from Dalit villagers in the 1990s, which cannot be bought according to the rules. Among the land buyers is Indra Pratap Tiwari alias Khabbu Tiwari, an MLA from Gosaiganj in Ayodhya district, whose membership was canceled after he was found guilty in a fake mark sheet case.

When what happened in Ayodhya, there was a relative of Purushottam Das Gupta who was the Chief Revenue Officer of Ayodhya some time back, a relative of Deepak Kumar who was a DIG some time ago, a relative of Ayush Chaudhary. Ayodhya BJP includes relatives of SDM and MLA Ved Prakash Gupta.

But the question arises as to why the relatives of those officers showed so much interest in buying the land at that time. Following the resolution of the temple-mosque dispute, there were reports of a sharp rise in land prices in Ayodhya.



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