This Country Became The Third Dose of Corona in the World


In the wake of rising cases of the new type of coronavirus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday announced that around 30 million frontline workers, including health workers, would get a dose of caution by January 10. Citizens over the age of 60 who are suffering from a serious illness are also given the option of taking the vaccine cautiously on the advice of their doctor. This will also start from January 10. The booster dose given to people who are likely to be infected with corona is called the precise dose. There may be a gap of 9 months to 12 months between the second dose and the precautionary dose.

Booster doses originated in Israel. Citizens have been receiving a booster dose since August. In October, the study was conducted by the Clitoral Health Service, Israel’s largest health supplies organization. In which a study was done on 7.28 lakh people who took booster doses. A booster dose is 92 percent more effective in preventing serious infections than a double dose.

Chinese biotech company Sinovec has published a study on booster doses. The company studied a total of 68 people, of whom 20 took only two doses, while 48 took three doses.


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