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Tips to choose single storey home designs in Sydney!


Moving into a new space is an exciting venture. There’s something about examining floor plans and walking through different layouts that inspires anticipation and sometimes, contentment. Of course, there are as many different types of homes as there are walks of life. There are many single storey home designs Sydney offering different scenarios to suit the different circumstances of life.

Single storey home designs Sydney generally feature three to four bedrooms and two or two and a half baths. Ranches or Spanish colonials can sprawl if the lot is big enough, offering bigger rooms and more of them. Single storey display homes often feature single or two-car garages. Choosing a floor plan is one of the biggest decisions when considering home and land packages NSW and there are things to consider to help you arrive at the ideal scenario for you.

1. Consider Your Personality

Your house is a reflection of yourself. From facade to floor plan, it should provide you with both comfort and a representation of yourself that you can show off proudly. Asking and answering questions about the space will help you to determine what you want. For instance, though most new single storey display homes include garages, you might prefer to turn that space into something else. Do you want the front entry to spill into the community space, or would you rather have a long hallway, with the community space more toward the rear of the house?

2. Consider Outdoor Space

For folks who live in a temperate climate, maximising outdoor potential is often on the to-do list. Single storey home designs Sydney often feature alfresco community space, adjacent to the dining area or family room. Home and land packages Sydney can help you find the perfect combination of indoor and outdoor living space.

Outdoor community space offers homeowners the perfect scenario for hosting gatherings. A nanawall can effectively merge the indoor and outdoor community space. A Spanish-style outdoor space could be cosy, with its columns.

3. Consider Your Lifestyle

These days, the open floor plan is all the rage, but a home is more than community space. If you have small children, you’ll necessarily want something different than if you have older kids or are empty nesters. Typically, couples with younger children prefer the private rooms in one cluster of the home while those with older kids prefer a bit more separation.

The open floor plan establishes site lines throughout the house and features lots of windows for maximum light infusion. The kitchen flows into the dining area and that area spills into another large family space, perfect for big gatherings like birthdays and intimate affairs alike. Comparing your current floor plan with new potentials might help you to highlight the things you want and want to avoid.

4. Consider Form and Function

There can sometimes be a disparity between what you want and what you need in a home. Families with young children will want to walk different homes together for a couple of reasons. First, the kids are going to have their own reaction to the surroundings just like the grown-ups, and their input should be validated. Second, the grown-ups will undoubtedly notice potential details that could be disruptive or dangerous to the children.

While looking at home and land packages NSW, consider how functionality is important for those folks who are up there in age. The lack of stairs is an obvious benefit to their living situation. High windows that need to be opened and closed or high shelving could present problems as mobility is diminished.

5. Consider What’s Out There

Exploring floor plans will help you to visualise the potentials. Comparing them to your current situation will illuminate your process and help you make the decisions that will ensure your happiness. When investigating home and land packages Sydney, you will see all types of single storey display homes with various configurations.

When looking for home and land packages Sydney, consider your circumstances while you explore various styles and layouts. Remember that you are choosing a space that will somehow define you in the years or decades to come. The right choice is out there, but it will require your attention to obtain it.



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