Important Things to Know Before Travelling With Delta Airlines   


What else could be the reason for canceling the vacations, business trips and other travel related work other than the danger of coronavirus? Though I was not traveling to mainland China, Singapore, or Hong Kong where the virus is spreading like fire, I had planned a vacation with my friend to Dubai. The idea of traveling is not sounding good to me because of the global alert imposed by the (WHO) World Health Organization. I could have gone ahead with the vacation if it would not have been involved in the kids.

As we all are aware that children are sensitive and their body is more prone to an unhealthy environment. I did not want to take my kids to densely populated areas and give them a hygienic ambiance. Me and my friend discussed a lot on this topic and came to the conclusion that we must postpone the idea of the vacation. I went to the official website of Delta Airline to know the Delta Cancellation Policy as well as the procedure of cancellation as I was not familiar with both.

Delta Cancellation Policy

Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy informs that purchasers who are abandoning their reservations made with Delta Airlines within the stipulated time frame of 24 hours of making the bookings do not need to pay any cancellation charges for the cancellation. Once you go through the website you will be able to know that the airlines follow the rules set by the US department.

Under these conditions, there is no problem with the sort of ticket bought by the customer and s/he will receive a full refund. For the mentioned guideline to apply the passenger has to be sure that the cancellation is made before at least a week (seven days) before the departure of the flight.

The good thing is that the passengers who do not wish to cancel their journey but had made a mistake while making the reservation can also cancel the booking and make a new one with the aforementioned policy conditions.

How to cancel Delta Airlines Reservation?

In case you are not able to cancel your Delta Airlines reservations then you can simply follow the steps that are mentioned below:

Begin by going to the official website of Delta Airlines but to do so you must have an internet connection

Once you are on the homepage of the site, locate the tab that says “My Trips” or “Bookings” and make a selection on it.

A list of bookings will appear after this from which the one that has to be canceled needs to be selected.

Click on the cancel button to proceed further.

After this, a message will be displayed on the screen asking if you are sure of canceling the ticket and you have to hit on “yes” to continue and cancel the ticket.

The cancellation will be done officially after the execution of the aforementioned process and a message or email will be sent to the passenger by the airline regarding the successful cancellation.

An unavoidable cancellation charge will be subtracted (if any) from the refund value and the outstanding amount will be credited to the account from which the reservation was made.

The General Guidelines of the Delta Cancellation Policy:

There are two types of tickets offered by the Delta Airline to the passengers that include the Refundable and Nonrefundable tickets.

The airline itself insists its passengers to make a reservation of the refundable tickets as the non-refundable tickets do not provide any refund on cancellations.

As per the delta 24 hour cancellation, the passengers who are eligible for a refund will get the refund within ten business days and will be credited to the same account through which the booking was done.

I am glad that Delta Airlines is offering a huge percentage of the refund to the passengers who are canceling their tickets to Asian countries due to coronavirus. They have molded the Delta Cancellation Policy a bit due the same. Still if you have any query then call at +1-844-673-0381.


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