The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Dress Cleaning for Brides


Even after years of the wedding, chances are, you’d still see your dress and reminisce how everything worked out and how you spent months trying to find the dress for the special day of your life. So, if you want your gown to look pristine throughout your lifetime, you’d have to make sure that you get the finest wedding dress cleaning service working on your precious attire just to avoid any damage to the delicate piece of clothing – so that it retains its intricate design elements and embellishments, and doesn’t lose its colors or shine.

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Here are a few details to be kept in mind regarding wedding dress cleaning – things you should do and you shouldn’t. So, let’s get started!

  • Ask the experts: That’s right! If you are planning on cleaning the gown yourself after the big day (although that’s not recommended), consult with your designer or shop assistants on what are the particular treatments needed to treat the delicate hems and other embellishments. This would help you clean the dirt off to a certain extent without having to worry about ruining the beautiful dress.
  • Don’t try doing it all on your own: Just because you’re quite adept at handling the cleaning needs of other garments at your place, doesn’t mean you’d be able to clean the delicate gown on your own. If you’re not an expert on fabric or a designer yourself, try not to experiment with your wedding gown. Wrong cleaning methods may permanently damage the attire.
  • Always investigate spots: Different wedding gown stains require different cleaning treatments. So, you first need to find out the kind of stain that your gown has – whether it is oil or water-based. If you are not sure how to deal with such stains, it’s wise to consult a professional wedding dress cleaning
  • Don’t dump the gown in the washing machine: Wedding gowns are a delicate piece of garment – one that often comes with lots of embellishments, and thus choosing to wash it in the washing machine is definitely not recommended. In fact, there have been many instances, where brides have suffered the harsh consequences of doing so.
  • Dry the gown correctly: Are you done with the cleaning process? Well, in that case, make sure that you hang the dress by the loops provided on the inside. It helps the gown retain its shape without putting pressure on the delicate shoulder straps or sleeves. If you are going to use a dryer, ask an expert about the best setting for the same, although we recommend drying it outside.
  • Never use bleach: Just because you have a seemingly white-colored gown, doesn’t mean you can bleach it to get the perfect white hue. In fact, gowns come in different shades of white – some of which include porcelain, frost, or even ivory. So, if you plan on getting rid of hard-to-remove stains through bleach, you may actually end up changing the dress color to chalk white.

Key Takeaway-: Wedding Dress

Believe it or not, but there are tons of ways in which you can get the wedding gown dirty, albeit unknowingly, and this is why we chose to focus on some of the dos and don’ts of wedding gown cleaning. In fact, even if you treat the dress with caution the entire day, it will still pick up stains. Even body oils, deodorants, and sweat can leave stains on delicate wedding gowns, so always opt for professional wedding gown cleaning services.

Wedding gowns are white or some shade of white, and since the hem always drags along the floor, it tends to pick up all kinds of dust, dirt, and spills. This is why you need expert help – people who have the expertise in addressing the thorough cleaning needs of the gown and remove every hint of stain – the visible ones, as well as the invisible ones which are initially only visible under the UV light.


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