What is a Full Stack Developer


Today, millions of online websites cater to the varying needs and requirements of global and local users. Every business, institution, or government body that survives today will have a functional website on the internet. Two types of professionals take care of an entire website; Front End and Back End Developers. Well, then, what is Full Stack Developer, is what we will be discussing in this blog. We will further discuss their responsibilities, differences between other roles, career paths, salary, and lastly, how to become one. 

What is a Full Stack Developer?

Full Stack Developer could be called the “Jack of all trades” in web development. A Full Stack Developer is a web developer who knows both the Back End and Front End of the application and website. In addition, they must have expertise in programming, master databases, UI UX design, and graphic design to be called a Full Stack Developer.

Front End developer vs. Back End Developer vs. Full Stack Developer

For a website or an application to function as designed, Front End and Back End or a Full Stack Developer must bring out their best. Many might confuse these terms, so let’s clarify them before furthering our discussion on Full Stack Developer.

Front End Developer: Front End is also known as the client side. These developers focus on interface and user-facing systems. They spend time developing visuals, navigation, and visual experience for the user. Their core task is to make a website/application aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of the end user.

Back End Developer: Back End, as the name suggests, focuses on making the back end of an application or website good to function as intended. Back End Developers work on the database and server of the application and create an efficient framework that supports front-end development.

Full Stack Developer: These developers have cross skills and thus can do what the other two developers can do to make an application or website functional. They handle the databases and server side and understand the entire user experience journey. Mastering the entire stack through full stack developer course with placement will help you get ahead of your peers.

Responsibilities of a Full Stack Developer

Now you might understand what a Full Stack Developer is; time is to discuss the top responsibilities of being a Full Stack Developer within an organization:

  • Code for client-facing and server-side of a website/application
  • Help design and development of website/application
  • Design UI for the website/application
  • Maintain back-end by creating servers and databases
  • Work with graphic designers to create visually appealing icons, images, and other elements
  • Ensure platform compatibility of the website/application
  • Test and maintain responsiveness of the website/application
  • Consider scalability, security, and maintenance factors while designing a website/application
  • Maintaining a good rapport through efficient communication between teams
  • Staying updated with the current technological advancements 

Skills of Full Stack Developer

If you wish to tread on the path to becoming a Full Stack Developer, it’s worth noticing these below-listed skills that are essential to become a Full Stack Developer: 

Technical Skills: 

  • Speaking of Front End, master languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Mastering Graphic Design and putting your effort into honing your Visual Communication will be great
  • When it comes to Back End, become proficient in programming languages like Python, Ruby, and PHP
  • Python Django and Flask frameworks for back-end.
  • Expertise in database storage solutions like SQL, NoSQL, and JSON is required
  • DBMS like MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, etc.
  • Hone your technical strengths by learning to work with APIs like SOAP, REST, and HTTP protocol.
  • Version Control systems like Git and GitHub
  • Web Hosting platforms like AWS (Amazon Web Services) or Azure will boost your resume 

Soft Skills: 

  • Creativity
  • Great communication skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Problem-Solving skills
  • Time Management skills
  • Strategic Planning
  • Curiosity
  • Attention to Detail 

Future Scope of Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer earns an average salary of USD 102,663 yearly in the US, ranging from USD 66,120 – 159,402, according to Indeed.com. In addition, LinkedIn released a report that states that every year the demand for Full Stack Developers has been growing by 35% since 2015. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that by 2024 there will be 853,000 jobs open for this role.

After years of experience in Full Stack Development, you can progress to roles like Senior Full Stack Development, Directorial Level, and Chief Technical Officer. So if you want to become a Full Stack Developer, this is the right time to become one! But how? We will be discussing that in the next section.

How to become a Full-Stack Developer?

The most logical way to become a Full Stack Developer is to learn front-end technologies and languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Then invest your time learning how to create a functional website using back-end technologies. Finally, you must learn how to deploy and maintain web applications.

Once you strengthen your technical skills, invest in gaining practical experience through internships and boot camps. Developing networking skills will help you further your reach for better opportunities and will help you learn many things. Following these checkpoints will help you can become a Full Stack Developer.


This detailed blog on Full Stack Developer has helped you learn the fundamentals of becoming a Full Stack Developer. Its differences with Back End and Front End developers. Their future scope in the coming years, technical and soft skills required to become a Full Stack Developer.


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