What is the most popular messaging platform?

What is the most popular messaging platform?


The way we communicate with each other is changing because of messaging platform. Every year, an increasing number of people have access to the most popular messaging apps. They are unquestionably crucial to our personal and professional relationships. We conducted our research on the world’s most popular messaging apps in order to provide answers to the following frequently asked questions: In 2022, which messaging apps will be the most popular?

  • Messenger on Facebook

On the list, Facebook Messenger is ranked second. Every month in January 2021, 1.3 billion individuals utilize Facebook Messenger or Messenger Lite. It became the most popular iOS messaging app in the App Store in both the United States and Canada.

After WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger is the second most popular Android app in both nations. The iOS users in North America prefer Facebook Messenger. WhatsApp appears to be the most popular app among Android users.

One of the most important Facebook Messenger markets is the United States. In fact, it is the primary messaging app for 9 out of 10 citizens. In Canada, Facebook Messenger is used by half of the population. This brings the overall number of users to 18,490,000.

  • WhatsApp

So, what is the world’s most popular messaging app? WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in Europe, Asia, America, Africa, and Oceania. Furthermore, in nations like India, Brazil, and Pakistan, it is still the most popular messaging app.

Except for Taiwan, Japan, China, South Korea, and Myanmar, WhatsApp is constantly in the top three communication apps in every country. WhatsApp is far ahead of the competition, with over 2 billion monthly active users.

  • QQ

In China, QQ is still quite popular. Because QQ users do not require a phone number to sign up, they are primarily targeting Chinese youth. It is the fourth most popular messenger app in the world, with 606 million MAU.

QQ was China’s primary messaging program prior to the advent of WeChat. Nowadays, it is primarily used as an office communication tool. It’s a typical desktop messenger that allows you to send large files.

  • WeChat

China has always been an exception when it comes to texting apps. WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and Viber are all prohibited in the country. The most popular Chinese app is Tencent’s WeChat. It has a global user base of 1242 million Monthly Active Users. It’s not just for communicating with your connections; the app has a lot more to offer.

WeChat Pay, which also includes a number of popular mini-programs, has become a popular digital payment mechanism in China. These are WeChat apps that feature e-commerce, games, and rental services, among others.

  • Telegram

Telegram, unlike Line or Kakao, is not a localized phenomenon. In fact, it has established itself as a significant rival in a number of geographical areas. It was the preferred messaging app in 14 nations by 2020. After a year, the number has risen to 25. Telegram has surpassed Messenger as the second most popular chat app in the Play Store in around a hundred countries, while Messenger has slipped to third place. This indicates that Telegram has finally turned the tables on Messenger, becoming a genuine competitor.

As of now, we can see that WhatsApp is the most used messaging platform all over the world. There has been many application and technologies, but the simplicity and encryption that WhatsApp has maintained will remain on the top.


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