What Space Movie Came Out in 1992: 11 Amazing Facts you Should Know About  Gainingers From Outer Space


What Space Movie Came Out in 1992

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Gainingers from Outer Space is a 1992 blacksploitation short film of Morten Lindberg. The film is a sci-fi deception.

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Gayniggers from Outer Space(Space Movie 1992)

  • Original title: Gayniggers from Outer Space
  • Year: 1992
  • Running time: 26 min.
  • Country: Denmark
  • Producer: Lindberg/Kristensen Film
  • Director: Morten Lindberg
  • Cast: Coco C.P. Dalbert, Sammy Salomon, Gbatokai Dakinah
  • Screenwriter: Morten Lindberg, Per Kristensen
  • Cinematography: Henrik Kristensen
  • Genre: Comedy. Sci-Fi | Gay & Lesbian. Space Adventure. Half-length Film
  • Synopsis: Travelling  the galaxy to free men “oppressed” by females to make way for an homosexual society.

Interesting Facts about Space Movie 1992

Those who are distracted by horrible stunts discover the index list from the What Space Movie Came Out in 1992 short film, Gain Outer Space.

The film owes its name to “Grave Robbers from Outer Space”, the first title of the 1959 thriller, “Plan 9 for Outer Space”.

The science-fiction flick follows the gathering of intimate homosexuals of color on the planet Anus, who visit Earth to eliminate the female population and build an all-male homosexual society.

Expectations for the What Space Movie Came Out in 1992 film have been in question for some time, as viewers question whether it is fanatical and gay instead of an innocent parody.

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On December 4, 2020,Brian Redban, co-organizer and producer of The Joe Rogan Experience, tweeted: “Don’t Google the Space Movie 1992 GO “.

2 Stock-short films, highlighted by the 2006 Stockholm Choir Film Festival, have been hailed by fans at IMDB as a “comedy click top pick”.

Space Movie: 1992 Gayniggers from Outer Space Cast, Plot

  • Johnny Conny as Black Gay Ambassador
  • Tony Thomas as White Gay Ambassador
  • Konrad Fields as Mr. Schwul
  • Coco P. Dalbert as ArmInAss
  • Sammy Saloman as Capt. B. Dick
  • Gerald F. Hail as D. Ildo
  • Gbartokai Dakinah as Sgt. Shaved Balls

Space Movie 1992 Plot

The image follows a gathering of gay black males on the planet Anus, who find the presence of female animals on Earth. Using Raigan, they have continued to isolate women from the world individually, raising the admiration of the recently abused male population. Before leaving the planet, they go after a “gay ambassador” to instruct the inhabitants of the earth about their best practices forever.

Space Movie 1992 Reception

The film is portrayed as a “queer-interest Dutch b-movie in John Waters ultra-aggressive practice”, and is said to involve a crowd of “Ziki white young men” who like the idea of ​​blacksploatation. The film was used in a select effort by critics of the American Gay Niger Association in the 2000s.


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