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Does a 2nd Cell Phone in the World of Smartphones Still Count?


A quick fact!

A cell phone with a keypad is also called a feature phone.

And they aren’t prehistoric (although many believe that).

These features phones are literally the devices you need. If you look at them with close attention, you can definitely feel that these phones can definitely turn your workforce surprisingly productive.

And this is possible because the lifestyle of today’s people is asking for that from their devices.

According to various surveys and reports, using more than one device for work (or for personal causes) is a means by which you can make yourself more systematic.

But the doubt (and quite a huge doubt it is indeed) is: THIS IS A WORLD OF SMARTPHONES AND DO WE REALLY NEED A FEATURE PHONE ALONGSIDE IT?


Here’s why.

  • Why does a 2nd Feature Phone Make Sense?

A recent study has shown that a number of loans for the unemployed in Ireland were taken. The majority of them were students or freelancers who considered such a useful lending option only to purchase the featured phone.

Statistics show that the feature phone market is not as vibrant as other countries in the globe.

But it is also true that a feature phone isn’t wasted.

Probably you will also buy it for the following reasons and be more  productive using it:

  • It is very affordable for a 2nd device
  • It makes you organized
  • It helps you track your work in a better way
  • It ensures a heightened quality in your personal life

Well, without further ado, we can read on and know more about these points.

  1. It is Very affordable for a 2nd Device

Think of what a Smartphone costs on average.

Statistics say that you need at least 350 pounds to buy a new Smartphone.

While that is the case, you can buy a feature phone for almost 10 times less money than that.

Yes, a second cell phone may not offer you the cool facilities a Smartphone does.

But, it is again true that these feature phones have evolved alongside Smartphones (or actually before them) already.

Today, most feature phones at low prices are capable of managing bigger tasks just like their big brother (Smartphones, of course!).

Some of the tasks they can do include:

  • Offering you access to use 4G LTE mobile data
  • You can check e-mails; social media or use other online messaging platforms
  • You can surf the Internet thanks to the mobile version of the browsers designed for these phones
  • You can access and download media files like songs, videos, PDF etc.


  1. It Makes You Organised

Of course, it does!

When you have got a feature phone alongside your main work phone, you get the opportunity to clear the clutter of digital junkies.

You can uninstall the messaging apps or other apps that distract you more or are stuffing your Smartphone.

While you are uninstalling them from your Smartphone, you can still access them using your login info in the small feature phone.

That makes your personal Smartphone get a bit comforted, which results in it lasting longer.

Plus, you can make and receive calls using the feature phone. You can use the Smartphone for more data-heavy works.

Isn’t that being organised?

  1. It Helps You Track Your Work in a Better Way

That is obvious.

For example, you need a loan for the unemployed in Ireland when you’re in your parents’ home, and your mum is unwilling to lend you the laptop because she’s busy speaking with aunt Deborah over a video call.

You can now use both your phones to keep track of the work you are about to do.

Surfing the Internet for loans; comparing prices and features; running calculation or accounting apps to find out a good loan amount with favourable interests take a lot of involvement of yours in your phone.

Sure, plugging the earphones on and speaking to lenders while doing all of that can be a solution. But that can be stressful for both you and your phone.

Why don’t you simply use your 2nd cell phone to call and send or check messages and the Smartphone for online searches and operations?

That is going to be an impressive way to manage your work, isn’t it?

  1. It Ensures a Heightened Quality in Your Personal Life

Your personal life matters!

And a device as small as a feature phone can help you ensure quality in your personal time.

With a feature phone saved for communication and general information sharing, you are now freer to use your Smartphone for your extra personal agendas.

When a feature phone is tracing your official calls or managing your clients, you can use your Smartphone to initiate more quality time with your spouse and kids.

You may also get the space to explore more of the technical side of your Smartphone to make it save costs and be more productive.

All of these contribute to the high quality of life you have been dreaming of.

Using something like a feature phone can actually make your life better.

It is time for you to get one home.

Check online stores for the best offers. Buy a feature phone that comes with all the digital features that have been discussed in this blog.

Before making the final purchase, do check if the phone you are buying provides you with the exact kind of facilitations you need.

One more thing! Don’t buy these phones in the monthly instalment. They are quite cheap. However, if you have a bad credit score, go for a no credit check loan with no guarantor involved. You may use the money from these loans for any other cause, like making a workstation for your home or buying more than one of these feature phones to expand its flexibility to your family members.

  • To Conclude

Smartphones and feature phones coexist.

And they are doing it pretty well.

It is time you take advantage of it.



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